hat is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Over the past few years, cloud computing has evolved a great deal. The latest technology being the hybrid cloud, an environment that employs both public and private cloud services. More and more companies are by the day realizing that they require different types of cloud services if they are to meet the different customer needs. The importance of the hybrid cloud environment is slowly but surely transforming the computing industry and the way in which businesses can manipulate technology and innovate. Speed and economics are the two major driving forces in this market. Now if you are new to this, you probably are wondering what hybrid cloud is. Well, for you to understand this, you first have to understand public and private cloud. So here goes.

A public cloud is a set of networking, hardware, services, storage, interfaces an applications that are owned and are operated by a third party for use by individuals and companies. The public clouds are useful as they manage all the repetitive and/or straight forward workloads. For instance, electronic mail is a simple application that a cloud provider can optimize its environment such that it can support a larger number of customers even when they save lots of messages.

A private cloud on the other hand, is similar to a public cloud only that the set of hardware, storage, networking, applications, interfaces and services are operated by an organization for the use of the organization’s partners, employees and customers. A private cloud can be created for use by only one organization. The private cloud is operated in an environment that is highly controlled and locked away from the public. It as such is found behind a firewall with automated compliance, security and governance.


Now that you have the general background information, let us have a look at the hybrid cloud – what is it? Simply put, it is a combination of the public and private cloud service as several parts overlap. Its goal is to provide combined services as well as data from various cloud models to generate an automated, unified and well managed environment according to cloud computing news.

Corporate computing is defined as the combination of public services with the private clouds as well as data centers. However, not all companies that use some part of public services and some part of private cloud can be termed to run a hybrid cloud. The company has to be using the two services together to provide you with value.

A cloud is hybrid when;

  • The company uses the public development platform which sends data to a data center based application or a private cloud.
  • The company uses a number of software as a service applications that move data between the data center resources and the private center.
  • The process of the business is designed as a service in itself in a way that it can connect with the other environments as if they are a single environment.

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