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SCVNGR Mobile Grounds Tour

While the centerpiece of Farmington’s story and programming remains the restored historic house, there is so much more to see and learn about on the 18-acre grounds. In an effort to increase interest in the grounds and to make the overall site visit a more engaging experience, especially for younger visitors, Farmington has introduced a new mobile grounds tour, accessible via the text messaging function of any mobile phone. The mobile tour supplements an existing self-guided grounds tour brochure, which provides a map of the property and information about various outbuildings and points of interest. Using the print brochure as a guide, visitors are prompted, through text messages, to answer questions in order to find specific locations on the grounds. To ensure that players are moving around the property, before they are directed to the next clue, they must also complete a scavenger hunt type challenge question which can only be answered from each previous location. The mobile tour is free to play and can be accessed at any time. Instruction cards are available outside of the Visitor Center.  This is hopefully the first of many games to follow.

The mobile tour is hosted by SCVNGR, pronounced "scavenger", a start-up company out of Boston, Massachusetts.  For more information find them online at